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We believe in solving for the future dramatic growth in food demand, while significantly challenging world hunger and poverty, especially with children and families. 

Our Mission is to identify, invest in, and grow innovative and "complimentary" disruptive food companies and technologies resulting in unique solutions that are more productive, affordable, sustainable and healthier for the global food value chain. 


Global food production must double by 2050 to meet future food demand from population growth and continued urbanization. Next Stage Partners firmly believes the solutions are innovative companies to sustainably increase food availability, improve access to food, and increase agricultural production and productivity. Next Stage is at the forefront of identifying leading cutting-edge agriculture and food companies. 

Indoor Farming
Investment Strategy


Next Stage focuses on the entire value chain within agriculture and food companies. 

We invest in early stage through middle market companies. Our primary focus is proven, early stage and growth stage companies which we have defined to be a company with strong people, teams & culture, fully commercialized innovative & "complimentary" disruptive technologies, and where significant market opportunities and growth plans exist. 


Next Stage Partners utilizes a unique Growth Process to facilitate significant growth for our portfolio companies. Our Growth Process starts with understanding the needs within our vast relationships within the agriculture and food value chains - farms, manufacturers, distributors, hospitality, national restaurant, retail and grocery chains. Specifically, Next Stage conducts ongoing and extensive market research, consumer insights, and specific customers needs assessment interviews to understand needs, challenges, and areas of opportunity for investment. Based on these ongoing needs assessment interviews, we identify common trends and needs among customers and categorize these common needs into product categories. Then, by drilling down into these common trends, needs and product categories, we use a proprietary needs and supply assessment model to determine areas of opportunity for investment.

Strawberry Innovation
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